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The Full Story

Welcome to Arbiter! Your destination for pharmaceutical excellence! 

A commitment to making healthcare accessible to all and an uncompromising outlook when it comes to quality concisely explains the philosophy of Arbiter’s Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals & Surgical products division.


Established in 2013, the company took root in the Southern metropolis of Chennai a city conducive to an entrepreneurial drive. In less than a decade, it has been at the forefront of ensuring the availability of quality healthcare products to all reflecting the now popular concept of inclusive development. It doesn’t stop just there. Its quality consciousness and innovative outlook have made Arbiter evolve into a major player in Pharmaceutical and Surgical solutions.

From prescription medications to health supplements, we've got you covered with safety and quality as our unyielding commitment. Let us be your trusted partner in health. Elevate your well-being with us!

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Our Mission

Our Vision

At Arbiter, we're dedicated to being your trusted healthcare partner. We provide quality pharmaceutical products and solutions to healthcare businesses, enabling them to deliver exceptional services. Through innovation and strategic collaborations, we make healthcare more accessible and effective, contributing to well-being worldwide.

At Arbiter, we're committed to transforming healthcare access for businesses. Our vision is to be a global industry leader by simplifying high-quality, cost-effective healthcare solutions. We achieve this through innovation, technology, and strategic partnerships, empowering our B2B clients. Our goal is a future where businesses confidently navigate healthcare with us as their trusted partner.

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